-TV adventure report: Noguera Pallaresa Flooded - Temps d'aventura, 33.

Grabando con Toni Mestres.
Interview on the KS - 42

Check out Rush Sturges new movie, Frontier!

Here's Eg's movie!, Dashboard Empanada

Video / Guía de nuestro viaje a Chile!
Freestyle Competition results:
1st Free Kayak Festival, Sort.
2nd Ral·li internacional, Noguera Pallaresa.
3d spanish cup, Millau.

1st spanish cup series & championship
13th world championship, Thun, Switzerland. 

1st Natural Games, Millau.
1st spanish cup series.
1st FKT Rabioux.
8th world cup overall: Prague/ Augsburg/ Thun.

 Front flip, Sort.
-Pallars Sobirà High water (rio Boavi, Palomeras, Àrreu, Alto).
-Aragón expedition: (rio cinqueta, Bujaruelo, Barrosa).
-Adidas Sick-line Race
-Mexico expedition: I spent almost 3 months discovering some of the goods In Mexico, the 1st week we spent together with EG, Rafa, Rush and Todd was completly crazy, running every big drop we found!

Silencio waterfall in, Mexico.

-Chile & Argentina expedition, 5 months travelling around this 2 countries, many adventures to tell, and a lot of rivers and waterfalls paddled!

Nilahue flooded!

-2nd descent of Big Banana waterfall (42 meters/128,6 feet.) , second biggest waterfall in the world ever run. 
1st and only descent of 100 ft. Puma falls
-1st descent from the top of big Banana to Tomata bridge, including (silencio drop).
-1st descent of panadeiro slide
-3d descent of salto de Neff, right line.
-3d descent of Texolo waterfall (30 mts.)
-2n descent of Nilahue entrance.
128 ft. BB falls.  photo by lucas gilman