miércoles, 25 de septiembre de 2013

BC living !

I am back from the most fun trip ever !!! Paddling all over beautiful BC has been one of the best experiences of my entire life!!
2nd lap at Mamquam falls!!! such BAD-ASS waterfall!
been waiting for years to see this signal in person
Located in the North west area of  British Columbia this is one of the most famous and feared canyons all around the world. 87 Kms. with some of the best whitewater you will find anywhere.
beautiful mountains on our way to the Stikine

flat tire!!
previous mess before putting in the Stikine

Highlights of the trip:
-       5x runs on the Stikine
-       8x runs in the Ashlu in one day
-       3x runs on Mamquam falls
-       Heli shooting the Stikine
-       Zip line shooting at Mamquam falls
deep inside the canyon on day 2
getting some air time at 50/50. I love this waterfall and section !!

This is a list of the people I went in there with.
1st lap – 4 days ( Rickets, Jules, Gerd, Barney, Adrian & Mathieu)
2nd lap – 3 days ( Stokesberry, Corbulik, Gerd & Barney)
3d lap – 3 days ( Sam, Olad, Jared, Darin & Gerd)
4th lap – 1 day ( Sam & Gerd) – 6 hours
5th lap – 2 days (Mikkel, Sam F. Adrian, Diego, Galen, Jakub & Bryce)
thank you ali for driving us all the way to Kamloops!! you the best!!
waiting with Sammy and Gerd for the heli to arrive. it was so damn cold that morning.. we started paddling at 7:00 in the morning !!

Gerd on the chicken line of the wall 2!! this rapid can give some good beat downs !!!
all stoked after running our first run on the Stikine.
I ended up doing 5 laps over 3 weeks. Wish I could have stayed longer and got to do a few more but still happy with what I did. I know all the lines really well now and I can run the river confidently without having to stop and scout anything.

good times with my brother!!! it has been too long since the last time I paddled with him.. he has come a long way and is kicking my ass real hard these days.
for some reason these place reminds me of the 1st movie of the lord of the rings when they're crossing the river and there's giants on both sides. 

la rata getting some well deserved resting time
epic times shooting 
wolf track camp!!! Beautiful place!! love sleeping under that big ass rock.. been cold on every other camp except of wolf tack!
getting to the point of no return.

Best day: was the one day run on the Stikine with Sam and Gerd. I can’t believe how much whitewater you get to run in there in one day. People forget to tell that there are lots of flat water at the start and at the end of the run.
Best rapid: Site Zed or V drive
Best waterfall: Mamquam falls
Best river: Stikine river no doubt !!
Best party: we had some fun at Crankworx for sure!!
Best location for kayaking: Dease lake or Squamish
site zed camp bro! 

chilling in the sun of site zed!!

gerd geting fired up for site zed!
barny the craziest school teacher ever

bacon timee!!
chris approaching wason's hole! 

Gerd all smiles!!

gopro shot of wagons hole.

back to civilization
running site zed for the first time. BEATER line for sure... photo by mikkel st. jean duncan. THANKS!!
getting some air below site zed
gerd about to punch the big hole in site zed

THANKS to everybody who gave me and my friends a hand. so much welcoming people out there !!!