martes, 24 de enero de 2012

never stop going!

The season in pucon was short and strong. After too many days there i felt the need of hit the road and some more places. So we left the siphon and head straight in to argentina to celebrate christmas and paddle one of the sickest argentinian rivers!

las ratas en la frontera de junin de los andes!

First day we hit the rio manso, about 50 km. of bariloche. This is one of the greatest and most beautiful kayaking paradises in argentina!
duckie slide at really low water....
buena linea en el salto de los alerces!

Next river we hit was the rio blanco, some of the coolest drops and slides I've ever seen ar hidden on this one. One of the best runs in south america!
boofing mandinga!
maybe the cleanest drop in the world??
cali drop!
 After having a great time in Argentina for Christmas we left to Futaleufu together with Marcos. This is one of the meca's for all kayakers, "un paisaje pintado por dios, the place is super beautiful, the river is awesomme and the people there is super cool too! No stress in that place!

marcos house next to the rio azul!! what a view!!
we attempted a mission to the baker with this subaru loayale 93' . We got stucked on our way down there having to spend a whole week in coyahiqe trying to fix it... it never worked out and we end up selling it for 300.000 chilean pesos.....
biggest fail ever...
good playboating session in the futa!
awesomme landscape on the rio fuy!
here is myself throwing a back pan-am on the 50 footer in the rio Fuy !

Chile - Argentina full edit from Marcos Gallegos on Vimeo.

lunes, 2 de enero de 2012

Unknown preview

During my last few trips I've been lucky enough to get to met Tino Specht, a super talented young kayaker/cinematographer who proposed me to be In his next Unknown, a serie of episodes that features different paddlers around the world. Here is the teaser, check it out the final edit is coming soon!! enjoy!

Unknown: Mexico (Preview) from Tino on Vimeo.