sábado, 4 de febrero de 2012

My 2011 season

This has been one of the best years of my life. I came back from Mexico with my first real injury ever a broken rib so I got to spent 1 month and a half healing myself and getting to spent an amazing time with my family! First paddling I got to do was in the west of Spain, Galicia and Portugal two true creeking paradises on the right time of the season!
panadeiro slide in caldes de reis photo by: katya kulkova
dropping in to the second drop in castro laboreiro
sweet rapid in the castro

Winter Highlights from SB Productions on Vimeo.

We spent our spring in Sort paddling in the hole in the mornings  and hitting the creeks next to our area in the afternoons what a great place to be!
competing in the spanish cup in sort and getting second place
photo by:gorka martinez 
the border cross in Pau!

Spring freestyle sessions in Sort from Anyoree on Vimeo.
On april 30 we left together with my brother Gerd to compete in the whitewater grand prix, the sickest event ever done in kayak. 25 of the best kayakers around the world where selected to compete/travel and kayak together for 2 weeks. Amazing time!
rush and myself fighting on the border cross!
giant slalom race! photo by: marcos gallegos
cobra going big in the freestyle competitionon another sick wave in Quebec. photo by: tyler fox
last rapid of the giant slalom
the crew of the WWGP! thanks all!

2011 Whitewater Grand Prix from Tribe Alliance on Vimeo.

I spent the next 5 months after the grand prix living next to the Ottawa river, getting my freestlye skills up and enjoying a super simple life.
having fun in garburator, it gets so hot in the summers that skin to wind is the way to go!
our campspot, teaching little princess how to cook! photo by: tino specht

Summer day in the Ottawa valley from SB Productions on Vimeo.

big water in mistassibi! photo by:tino specht

Beatdown trip from SB Productions on Vimeo.
Together with Rafa Ortiz we won the drop of the year in the rider of the year awards. Check out the video for some epic kayak images!
aniol serrasolses running the 2nd biggest drop ever done succesfully!

Rider of the Year II Awards Video from Tribe Alliance on Vimeo.
Next country was Mexico one of my favourite places on earth we spent two great months creeking in Veracruz and recording for the next Unknown episode with Tino specht check out the teaser! Final movie coming up soon!
freefalling in tomata I
sick line in tomata I photo: lachie carracher

Unknown: Mexico (Preview) from Tino on Vimeo.
san pedro falls photo: mathias fossum
dropping in to meat-locker

Mexico from Lachie Carracher on Vimeo.
After Mexico I ended up in Chile where we had a great low water season.... anyway we are doing our best to keep charging and running good stuff.
running the 80 footer salto palguin photo by: mathias fossum
throwing a back pan-am off a 50 footer on the rio fuy
photo by:  mathias fossum 

Can't wait for more in this 2012 season! I am still in Chile and it seems that I am gonna be here for a while I spent all my last money getting here so now I have to work enough to pay a ticket back home. Not complaining it's great to be here :)