lunes, 22 de agosto de 2011

Summer day in the Ottawa valley

After a sick trip to Quebec, I came back to the Ottawa valley with Ali. Our plan: try to find a good spot to camp next to the river, the life in the island was amazing but it was just too hard to transport the food, water... but most of all we where looking for a really cheap way to live, not having to pay for sleep in the floor and living close to the river so we don't need car (something difficult in Canada).
Cobra browning the shit of one of the biggest rapids we ran in Quebec.
photo: tino specht
the spanish camp !
We built a plataform with a few woods 
so we could stay a few cm. up from the floor. 
Super needed after the racoon made like 4 different holes in our tent...
After more than 3 months living in the woods, battling hard against mosquitos, rain, racoons, low food, having to walk kms. and kms to go get everything and etc and etc... Somehow the boss of the land noticed that we where living there, came one morning and kicked us out of his place, totally fair but pain in the ass to have to move after having all set...
all we have is this.
We did put all our things in our kayaks and started to kayak up the river looking for another cool place to stay.
time to move.
I love the feeling of advancing to another adventure, but this time I was pissed, with no money and any place to live I was tired of everything! But you know when you go so deep that you touch the bottom you can only go up! Paddling in the river we met a guy who let us camp in his cottage!! Thanks a lot David! 
 ali,  cobra and the princess! we are family.
Since then life is great, days pass so fast and without even notice I'm on my last moth In Canada. Things are going sweet , I got some work, food and enough money to survive, the level has dropped enough so we have all this sick waves (garburator, corner wave, baby face, push button... the ottawa river is sick for freestyle!).
macho move en Phils hole.
cobra en waikiki wave!
photo: todd Zillwood-Hunt
happy to clean our clothes after months without....
I'm having a great summer, with no , no boss, my only worries are getting the tricks, not getting robbed by the racoons, the waves keep working... I know... living the dream!
clean blunt in corner sick wave!!
photo: marcos gallegos
Check out the last of SBP video, a normal day in the ottawa valley! Enjoy it, get excited and go kayak! Because is the way to happiness!