miércoles, 21 de diciembre de 2011

random photos!

Life couldn't be better right now! I am living in Chile, paddling, traveling, discovering and enjoying the pura vida! We are on our way south now and there's really good plans of kayaking coming up!
Check out the teaser of the Bomb Flow Episode 6 wich is coming really hot! Full episode coming up on 25 of december!!

Check a few random shots of the last months kayaking, some good stuff here!
freefalling on san pedro falls
photo: mathias fossum
dropping in to the 85 ft. salto palguin, two years ago I boofed, swam and ate shit on this one! this year was another story photo: mathias fossum

stilying silencio drop photo: mathias fossum
gettin dirty on bukaki rapid, rio jalacingo photo: mathias fossum
crazy move on tomata 2 photo: mathias fossum 

sequence shot of tomata falls by my friend lachie carracher
nice shot of silencio falls photo: tomas bastida
myself boofing hard on Mariman photo: mathias fossum
EG going for it! photo: aniol serrasolses
the boys packing up after a sick todo nevados run!
dropping into demshitz drop
boofing stout 10
boof to swim

the lip to dirty gerd
walking out of nilahue after break my brand new paddle, pissed as never before...
More photos and videos coming up soon!

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