domingo, 16 de octubre de 2011

Back to the jungle

I am finally back on Mexico, have been an amazing two weeks recording the next Unknown with Tino specht, we have been running all the classics on Tlapacoyan and now looking forward for some rains that brings the levels up. 
Keep checking the blog because the teaser will be online soon. Check a few screenshots of the trip so far, my computer just broke so is hard to put things online but will come.

Hiking to Bukaki
sick gopro shot in Truchas 

tomata 1 warm up day.
heading down, last stroke
face it
let it go down, easy and smooth
throw the paddle, grab your skirt
take the hit
roll up, celebrate , 100% adrenaline

Lot more content to come, tomorrow is tomatas huckfest, hope to see some bad ass lines and not much carnage, but is always hard in tomata 2.

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penyabogarde dijo...

mola piragüar!!!!

ens agradaria que visitessis el nostre blog i que si ets culé ho diguis i ens deixis comentari.