martes, 17 de mayo de 2011

WWGP epic time!

The WWGP has come to the end! It has been 14 really intense days, competing, traveling, partying and discovering the incredible whitewater that Quebec has to offer! Best two weeks trip ever!

Cobra panam in white dog wave.
Mate rico con el lechon
perro blanco!
Cobra having fun in la rouge!
Sick shots from the gopro, video coming soon!

Northern Quebec area is one of the coolest places I've ever been, tons of water, untouched rapids and good parties!
The boys scouting a big one in Dobleau-Mistassibi
Me and Chris Gragtmans going for it! sick shot from the heli!
Last stage was the giant slalom, held in a cool section of the bras louis river, lot of action in this race!

Katya and Aniol commenting the line.
Last double drop of the section.
Congrulations to Dane Jackson, the grand prix champion at this 17 years old....

Thanks to Bombflow Magazine for all those sick videos, lot of work to make a video almost everyday! Congratulations!

In the end, I moved from 6th to the 9th position after a really bad race on the last stage, but anyway super happy to have made the top 10, super keen to come back and do it better in next editions, this event it's the coolest thing ever made in kayak! I also received the Honey Badger award, a 200 hundred dollars prize wich definitely is gonna help me a lot on my stay In Canada.
WWGP crew awards ceremony!! 
I'm now staying in Canada till October, paddling In the Ottawa valley for the rest of the summer and maybe with a little bit of luck BC in the end of August, we'll see, super excited to paddle lots of waves and some good stouts as well!

3 comentarios:

JBL dijo...

Eres el mas grande!! Menudos rios los que se han visto en los videos de la compe, si parecen el Ebro metido en el alto Cinqueta! Enhorabuena por la posicion conseguida y a seguir disfrutando de Canada.

Hugo dijo...

Cobra me Quito el sombrero , top ten !!! Semen saltan las lagrimas de la emocion , no dejes de disfrutar para que aqui podamos soñar.....sort!!!!

Aniol dijo...

a tope !!!! gracias amigitos, liada buena en la última competi pero unos dias cojonudos por canda, además esto no ha echo más que empezar!!!

a cuidarse!!!